Green Waste

Planning for the greenwaste facility was achieved on 22nd May 2012.

The facility will be operational from the beginning of November onwards to be able to receive a capacity of 25,000 tonnes per annum.

The system is a well-established , tried and tested system of turning organic greenwaste into a useable growing medium of compost for use in the Agricultural and Horticultural markets. It helps breaks down heavy clays and encourages healthy plant growth.

We will receive the organic greenwaste and shred the material down to large particle size of approximately 180-220mm. 

The windrows built will be no more than 4 metres tall and be triangular in shape to enable rain water retention. We have new technology installed on our site to allow the rainwater and run off to be harvested and re applied to the windrows by a purpose built irrigation system. This allows the windrows to be kept at optimum moisture enabling composition to be maintained at an even rate.

We will be employing a new compost management system which allows us to monitor Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Temperature and moisture. All of these need to be monitored to make sure the compost is made with the best combination of all four major elements mixed in the material for composition. This system also allows us to minimise any potential odour issues and accurately monitor and report  the site to regulators and governing bodies. Al the data is stored for each batch of material to be composted and a unique code is attributed to the final product for ease of identification and assist us in our aim to achieve PAS 100 at the earliest stage possible.

Our composted product will then be screened to a particle size of 30mm for agricultural use, and possibly down to 10mm for horticultural use, however we are happy to discuss any potential requirements for specific demands.

We have given considerable thought to the greenwaste site to allow for the best possible production of compost from organic material , using new state of the art systems and technology to achieve this.